Apartment on Ruinenberg – BOARDING HOME

Minimum stay is 3 months

The apartment on Ruinenberg has only 26 sqm, but is still much more powerful. A cleverly-arranged plan, a large terrace, long sight lines, no verschenkter square traffic area – everything perfect to be set up without much effort and feeling good. Of course, include a high quality bathroom, a kitchen and floor to ceiling fitted wardrobes in the hall to store and organize with them.

The apartment on Ruinenberg is modern and can live for you enough space. Here you will feel at home! The location on Ruinenberg, Potsdam’s best known mountain because the line of sight from the Sanssouci palace rests on him, invites all seasons for a walk. Set in beautiful countryside, overlooks the Norman tower of the city and the surrounding area. When you leave a few hundred meters to the south the apartment, you can reach in 10 minutes the Jägertor, and thus the city center. The second Baroque city expansion of Potsdam is today the center of the city. Countless shops, restaurants, a vibrant city awaits you. In an easterly direction, after about 500 m the settlement “Alexandrowka” with the beautiful wooden houses of the Russian Church and the Pfingstberg has been reached with the Belvedere. From here it is only a stone’s throw from the “Neuer Garten” and the Cecilienhof Palace.

In a northerly direction, finally, there is the People’s Park Potsdam and the biosphere. A variety of leisure activities awaits you here. And right next door is Berlin – hundreds of events daily and a lively town with nice people from around the world want to know you.